Karonga and Flash Dancer

Delayed receipt of news…

Richmond reports:
18.20 Sunday 26, Malawi, Hakuna Matata.

Robbie and Di have just arrived at Hakuna Matata.

Mat and I picked up Ian on time and drove five and a half hours to be here by 4.30 R and D just arrived at 6.30.

Willie and Meggie greeted us on arrival. When I climbed out of the Cruiser he said, “ I remember you. You’re Rich MacIntyre. You’re the sailors. I didn’t think you would come back after last year. You’re the one with guts.”

The fire is now started and the meal is being prepared.

lilongwe to hakuna

Lilongwe to Hakuna Matata and then to Karonga to get Flash Dancer

Karonga and Flashdancer.

We got up early to head to where the boat is stored in Karonga at the Carlsberg Coke depot. We immediately set to work deck scrubbing it and meticulously unpacked every item – after a long busy day we eventually left the depot, boat proudly in tow.

We are sitting in a bar having a beer together and planning our trip tomorrow to Lake Tanganyika. Destination Mpulungu about 400km. Feeling happy that we are still on schedule. Long hard day today, but very productive. We are loaded to leave for Lake Tanganyika at 5am tomorrow.

We have been having trouble with the starter motor which wouldn’t disengage and Avis contacted the Auto Electrician who had serviced the Beast for a prognosis. It was long and involved – but instead, this is what we did –

We hit the solenoid with a hammer and problem sorted! The bigger the problem the bigger the hammer…We met up with two RSA bikers travelling to Mozambique – they helped us sort out our starter motor problem.

All are happy and well.

I’ve decided to bring Flashdancer back this trip. Lake Victoria I’ll do by chartering someone else’s yacht – this long-haul and long-distance-logistics is maddening.

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