Lake Shore Lodge

lake shore lodge2

Lake Shore Lodge — photo credit TripAdvisor

Report Sat July 2 from both Mat and Rich.

We have been on Lake Tanganyika for three days now and experienced no sailing wind of any significant strength thus far having to use the motor most of the time to chug north!

First night onboard was a bit hair-raising as the wind picked up unexpectedly and pushed us towards land and into local fishermen’s boats which wasn’t very pleasant. We frantically had to tie our boat to theirs to avoid being washed ashore!

After surviving the night wind, we left harbour early in the early hours and provided much unintended entertainment to locals as we had left our untethered dingy in the little harbour and had to return to retrieve it. Embarrassingly, in the process we got very tangled up in their ropes again. What a comedy of errors and quite hilarious for the locals and, later, to us too!

Next two days were less frantic and we had more pleasant evenings. On Day 2, we were preparing for a relaxed night stopover in a little bay until we were halted by Tanzanian military police demanding that we produce our passports.


Tanzanian Defender Craft — photo credit SA Defence Force

It got rather tense as a young soldier called Nelson came aboard to inspect our boat looking for drugs and weapons. Fortunately, the intrusion ended quite civilly and peacefully with them recommending an alternative overnight stop for us. We ended up in a delightful and peaceful little fishing village harbour.

Day 3 was another motor slog north and a determination this time to start earlier to seek an overnight stop which we achieved in a remote bay behind a bluff. We anchored easily but then Richmond took an unplanned plunge into lake first to grab his cell phone then another dive after his glasses!

The incident naturally provided considerable amusement for Mat and Ian. They joined him for a swim. Refreshed, we drank our last two Mozi beers, had an early pasta and tuna meal followed by a good calm night’s sleep.

Up early, we motored (again) to Lake Shore Lodge owned by a charming and highly motivated young couple Chris & Louise (RM note: Chris & Louise Horsfall – Brian & Eva James daughter) whose resort is everything paradise and tropical and super!

lake shore lodge

Lake Shore Lodge and Campsite — photo credit TripAdvisor

All is good right now… we are relaxed and enjoying seeing guests on jetskis and fishing in paradise. Ian is taking plenty of photos. We cannot send them now because we’re on mobile data, no wifi here.

We have all showered, eaten great food and are hoping to set sail (vs motor) in the morning to the chimpanzees at Mahale Reserve approximately 200km further north. We expect to take three days to get there. That must be our turnaround point to get back to the vehicle in time for Ian’s flight from Nairobi.



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One thought on “Lake Shore Lodge

  1. Sten Van Aardt

    Looking very good guys, keep up the updates. Hope all goes well with the rest of the trip.


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