Waiting for the wind… to drop

Richmond, Friday July 8:

The wind’s up here unfortunately. Mat and I have just come back from snorkelling. We head south into the weather in 3,5 hours.

Snorkelling is good if you like watching tiny fish called cichlids. The water is clear, apparently because the fish eat all the algae and so the rocks are bare and uninteresting – to my mind.


Cichlids in Lake T.  (photo credit DaigleTours)

We’re waiting for the wind to die down which it usually does in the late afternoon – but not always.

If it doesn’t we can look forward to bashing and crashing until nightfall to reach a sheltered little cove we used on the way up. Four days ago Ian was as seasick as a dog and I was gagging. Mat got headaches and dizziness from the petrol fumes. It is very testing. I’ll breathe a sigh of relief when we reach Mpulungu.

We need to clear Tz immigration at Kasanga in 2 or 3 days and will spend a day there hiking to Kalambo Falls  – the second highest in Africa.


Kalambo Falls (photo credit Zambia Tourism)

We want to be in Mpulungu on Tuesday to enter Zambia to pull out and trailer FD.

The long haul home should start Wednesday starting with an 800m vertical road out of the lake to the escarpment and head south for SA.

The plan is Lusaka on Thursday to drop off Ian, cross the Zambezi and enter Bots on Friday. Overnight at Mat’s brother’s place Saturday then two days to drive to Hermanus, arrive Monday.

Great plan – but looking out onto the lake now, the wind is pumping.

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