FlashDancer trailered… on the road again

Richmond: Monday 11 July

We were in Mpulungu last night.


Mpulungu. Photo Credit: MBrubacher

We got in, under motor,  from Oscar’s place near Kasanga after a day of very heavy wind,  a hike up to the Kalambo Falls – worth the while.


Then slack wind and loading FD onto her trailer pretty much in the dark. Big steak for a meal with beers and asleep by 8pm.  Up early this morning to wait for immigration to clear into Zambia then a 800km drive up to the escarpment and south towards Lusaka.

Currently at Forest Inn, about 270km north of Lusaka.


Tomorrow plan to leave before sparrows, drop Ian off in Lusaka and make for the Bots border

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One thought on “FlashDancer trailered… on the road again

  1. Malcolm Wilson

    We have been following your trip with keen interest. Another great adventure.
    Traveling in Africa is seriously hairy and I sense you have a lot of stories to tell.


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