About the Great Lakes Teams

Team Tanganyika 2016

Ian Tozer

Ian Tozer

Ian Tozer

Born in Scotland during World War II.  Educated in UK and South Africa.  Graduated from Loughborough in 1965.  Worked and lived in UK, South Africa and USA, initially working in civil engineering thereafter in general management.  Divides time equally between South Africa and UK.  Enjoys walking, sailing, being out in the open air and spending time with 10 grandchildren.

Mathew Browne

Mathew, mid 40’s, owns the local gym, fit and strong and is comfortable on water.  Mathew is not a sailor, but with some familiarisation over the next month on Noon’s carioca ‘Hazy Babe’ he will know which way is up and how not to fall overboard.

Richmond MacIntyre (leader)

See profile below…


Team Malawi 2015

Tertius Kammeyer

Tertius Kammeyer

Tertius Kammeyer


Sten van Aardt

Sten van Aardt

Sten van Aardt


Richmond MacIntyre (leader)

Richmond MacIntyre

Richmond MacIntyre

Age 62. South African. Consultant Engineer. Successful expeditions to every major peak on African Continent, Cho Oyu, Mt. Everest, Denali, Kosciuszco, Anconcagua, Mt. Vinson, Elbrus,  7 peaks (4 first accents) in Antarctica, First successful Ski Traverse of Liverpool Land Eastern Greenland.

Other expeditions:

MacIntyre New Zealand Expedition – Objective: to explore the fiords in the southwest of NZ’s South Island by kayak then, on mountain bikes, ride over the divide onto the eastern hill country and cycle northwards through the lake district, ending at Mt Cook.

MacIntyre Wakhan Corridor Expedition Exploratory mountaineering in the Little Pamir range of the Wakhan Corridor in North Eastern Afghanistan.
Specifically the First Ascent of QaraJeelga, the last unclimbed peak of over 6000m within the borders of Afghanistan.

Richmond MacIntyre Antarctica Expedition – yacht‐based mountaineering expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. Based on board the yacht ‘Spirit of Sydney’, the aim is to land at several places along the Antarctic Peninsula from where various summits may be attempted. The mountains range from 500m to 2600m in height (straight out of the sea), giving a complete range of objectives of all lengths and difficulty.

MacIntyre-Sandenbergh Expedition Blog 600km from Okavango to Vic Falls by Kayak

MacIntyre Zimbabwe MTB Mountain Bike Race over Zimbabwe Highlands

MacIntyres Kayak Through Okavango Again

MacIntyre Greenland Expedition Richmond MacIntyre 2012 North-South Traverse of Greenland

Freedom Challenge Mountain Bike Race Over Southern Africa

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One thought on “About the Great Lakes Teams

  1. Malcolm Wilson

    It seems that your last trip to NZ was only a few weeks ago.

    We wish you all the best on the African adventure and look forward to your posts.




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